Keeping your white clothes from getting stained is not an easy task. However, if you wash your clothes properly, you may prevent them from staining. Here are some tips by the detergent powder manufacturer in West Bengal that you can follow to keep your white clothes clean for a longer duration.

Here are some easy tips to wash white clothes

Your white clothes need special care. Washing them in the wrong way can ruin your garment. Hence it is important to know the ways to wash your white clothes. Here are some easy tips for washing white clothes shared by a detergent powder manufacturer in Jharkhand.

  • Separately wash your white clothes and coloured clothes. Washing white clothes with dyed clothes can result in dye transfer. Hence separate your piles of white clothes from dark-coloured clothing.
  • Wash white clothes with luke warm water. Washing white clothes in warm water removes stains and bacteria. Add two tablespoons of detergent to lukewarm water and soak the clothes for 20-30 minutes. Avoid using very cold or hot water as it will shrink the clothes.
  • You can also mix half a cup of lemon juice in hot water and soak the white clothes. Keep them overnight and wash them the next day.
  • Don’t wash all your white clothes together. It will redeposit the dirt on fabrics leaving them looking dull.
  • Making a solution by mixing 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda with lukewarm water is a great way to wash your white clothes. Soak your white clothes in the solution for eight hours before washing them with your usual detergent.

Tips to prevent your white clothes from turning yellow

The detergent powder manufacturer in Jharkhand shares some tips to prevent yellowing of your white clothes. Let’s discuss

  • You must wash your white clothes too often to remove sweat from the clothes.
  • Too much deodorant can turn your white clothes yellow. If you are planning to wear white clothes, use perfumes instead of deodorants.
  • Always pre-soak your white clothes before washing them. This ensures that all the dirt gets removed from the clothes.
  • Try to avoid white clothes too frequently. White dresses can easily soak up all your body sweats and fluids.
  • Dry your white clothes properly to maintain the brightness of your clothes.


Follow the above tips and enjoy wearing white clothes.